Hospitals & Institutions (H&I)

The Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee brings NA meetings into facilities where addicts do not have access to regular outside meetings. These meetings occur in hospitals, treatment centers, correctional facilities, and adolescent institutions.

For the protection of our fellowship and the NA name it is vital that an H&I meeting always be held under the direction of an H&I subcommittee. If you would like to get involved with service in Hospitals and Institutions please come to the subcommittee meeting.

The H&I subcommittee facilitates orientations on a regular basis. Everyone who would like to serve with H&I must go through orientation and there is no cleantime requirment to be oriented. Please contact a member of the H&I subcommittee or come to the subcommittee meeting for more information about orientation. You do not have to have been in an institution to do H&I service.

If you have already been through orientation it is important to remember that the panel leader for the facility coordinates the panel members who attend the meetings – you should not show up at a facility for an H&I meeting without communicating with the panel leader first.

It is recommended that our members attend their first H&I meeting as an observer. H&I meetings are different from regular NA meetings and observing can give the member a clearer picture of how H&I meetings are conducted. You must have 90 days clean and have been through orientation to attend an H&I meeting as an observer.

At 6 months clean a member who has been through orientation is eligible to fully participate at an H&I meeting. Many of our members find H&I service to be an important part of their recovery.

Meeting Time and Location

2nd Sunday of every month at 2:45 PM
First Church of the Nazarene
5455 North Terrace
Chattanooga, TN 37411

Also on ZOOM:
Meeting ID:
Password: clean

Local H&I Meetings

Focus – Mondays @ 7pm
Walker State – Tuesdays @ 7pm
Sholze Center – Thursdays @ 7:00pm
CADAS Residential – Fridays @ 6:30pm
CADAS Detox – Sundays @ 6:30pm

H&I Resources

H&I Handbook
IP#20 – H&I and the NA Member
H&I Guidelines
Walker State Prison Volunteer Application

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